Growth of an Institution depends upon the Young and skilled talent

It’s being rightly said, “Foundation of every state is the education of its youth”. Youth belongs to such a section of the society, who has nerves of steel, mind like sharp knife and zeal to learn new creativities. Talent cannot be kept hidden, isolated or away from the eye of the audience, it requires a [...]

November 17th, 2016|General|

The new Era of education has begun

How do we define “Education”? Do we relate it to the activity of giving exams and getting grades or it simply means the promotion to higher class every year?, Certainly none of the aforesaid statement. Education from decades has been regarded as the instrument to bring change in the society. It’s because of education only [...]

November 16th, 2016|General|

Learning Practice: Technology in Teaching

We are living in such an era where everything is getting connected to technology. There is no doubt in saying technology has made our life very easier and smoother. Each and every sector is inducing technology in their day to day workings. Education sector is one such sector which has seen remarkable changes due to [...]

November 9th, 2016|Awards|